I love to listen, and I would be honored to hear your very special story.

Ever feel like a total stranger would better understand you than a friend or family member?  You’re not alone.  

All of us need validation without the judgement, tension, distraction, emotional trigger, or lecturing that can accompany a conversation with someone who either knows us so well they know what’s best or just wants the best for us by telling us what to do. Allow an objective listener to hear your story and support your experience. You’re in total control, deciding how the conversation flows and how much feedback, advice, coaching, or specialized modality you want. When validated for your true concerns, it opens up a path of clarity empowering you to make effective decisions and take healthy steps forward. 

Now offering . . .

  • Compassionate listening
  • Life coaching, Parent & Teen coaching
  • Reiki for people and animals
  • Hypnosis therapy, Past-life regression hypnosis

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