Compassionate Listening and Coaching, Reiki Energy, and Hypnosis Therapy
‘Love to Listen’ Introduction
Love to Listen

‘Love to Listen’ Introduction

Welcome to my “Love to Listen” website where I feature information about my listening, coaching, Reiki, and past life regression services plus links to social media as well as this blog. Though this website is newer, I am not new to the topics of listening, coaching, Reiki, and hypnotherapy, which is the mode used for past life regression.

I’ve been a life-long listener and observer of people and, coupled with a strong intuitive nature, I find myself naturally coaching or mentoring people through their challenges and opportunities. Please see the topics listed on the ABOUT page that I’ve had personal experience with. Life is full of twists and turns, and I’d be honored to learn about yours.

I look forward to meeting future clients and will be enhancing the website with free downloadable hypnosis and guided meditations as well as some other surprises. I’m happy to have you joining me.

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